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Inspired by the success of the previous ERPOS conference, organized in collaboration between University of St Andrews and Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Gdańsk University of Technology and Lodz University of Technology join their forces to run the 15th edition of this interesting international series.

Experimental and theoretical studies of both of the organizing institutions in the research areas related to the scope of the conference date back to the time of the first ERPOS meeting. As a team we form a group of chemists, physicists and materials engineers, thus, although our paths cross for the first time, we hope we shall be able to create the event inspiring for the researches dealing with all the aspects of the multidisciplinary field of organic solids.

Justyna Szostak on the left,
Wojciech Pisula on the right

Conference Chairs

Wojciech Pisula, Lodz University of Technology
Justyna Szostak, Gdańsk University of Technology

Organizing committee

Mateusz Brzeziński
Małgorzata Franz
Krzysztof Hałagan
Grażyna Jarosz
Iwona Kuzborska
Tomasz Marszałek
Waldemar Stampor
Jacek Ulański
Hanna Zajączkowska

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