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Invited Speakers

David Beljonne
University of Mons

Karl Leo
Dresden University of Technology

Ifor Samuel
University of St Andrews

Henning Sirringhaus
University of Cambridge

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ERPOS, initiated in Poland in 1974, is one of the longest-running international conference series in the field of organic electronics. It has been organized every three years since 1996, every second time in Poland.

Since the beginning of the series, the field of organic electronics, that merges chemical, physical, biological, and technical sciences, has changed remarkably.  As a result of this rapid progress, the scope of the ERPOS conference, covering fundamentals as well as applications, has been extended, and it is no longer limited to organic solids. The conference welcomes submissions on any aspect of electrical and optical properties of organic materials, such as:

• Photophysics and charge transport
• Organic light-emitting diodes and lasers
• Organic and perovskite photovoltaics
• Transistors and molecular electronics
• Organic bioelectronics and biophotonics
• Organic nonlinear optics and nanophotonics
• Conducting and semiconducting organic and carbon materials, such as electronic polymers, molecular materials, and novel carbon architectures

The size of the conference fosters fruitful scientific discussions, collaboration and social interactions between researchers working in different fields of science and technology. Apart from the interesting scientific program, the organizers have planned a number of social events, during which the Attendees will have a chance to discover the beauty of Gdańsk and its surroundings, as well as, to initiate or strengthen their scientific cooperation and personal acquaintance.

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