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Registration & Opening Ceremony, Sunday, 12th July

The Opening ceremony will be held in the European Solidarity Centre (ECS) in Gdańsk. The ceremony will start at 19:00, in the Auditory located on the ground floor, close to the entrance (please, take a look at the map).

After the talk regarding the history of Gdańsk and Solidarność, drinks reception in the Winter Garden of the ECS will take place.

All registered Attendees and Accompanying Persons will be eligible to tour the ECS exhibition before the Opening Ceremony. You shall find the tickets in your welcome packs. Please note, that the approximated time needed to tour the exhibition is 1.5 h.

Registration of Participants in the ECS will be possible prior to reception, i.e. from 16:00 to 19:00 at the registration point located on the ground floor, next to the Auditory.

Attendees arriving after the Opening Ceremony will be able to register during or prior to conference sessions at the registration point located close to Auditory No.2, in the ETI building at GUT (Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics Building A – building no.41), where all the sessions will take place (please, take a look at the map of the university).

Evening Social Meeting, Monday, 13th July

The meeting will take place right after the poster session, i.e. around 21:30, in the Academic Club of Gdańsk University of Technology Kwadratowa, located in the heart of the campus (in Bratniak, building no. 23). History of Kwadratowa dates back to 1960ties, which makes this place the oldest academic club in Poland. On Monday evening, the facilities of Kwadratowa will be exclusively available to ERPOS Participants and their Accompanying Persons, hence, please, make sure that you take your badge with you.

We encourage all the Attendees to take part in this social meeting, that will be a great occasion to get to know each other a bit better in a relaxed atmosphere accompanied by music.

Excursion & Dinner, Tuesday, 14th July

As the conference is not only about science and professional development, we invite all Participants and registered Accompanying Persons to discover the beauty of Gdańsk and to taste delicious Polish cuisine. Such an opportunity will be given to our Guests during the excursion to the Old Town, followed by a dinner held in one of the nearby restaurants.

Gala Banquet in Sopot, Wednesday, 15th July

To enjoy the last evening of our conference, we invite all the Attendees and their registered Accompanying Persons to a gala dinner that will be held in the Sheraton Hotel in Sopot. Located directly by the beautiful beach, next to the longest wooden pier in Europe and the old lighthouse this spot is a perfect place for the summer celebration.

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